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Community Virtual Solar Gardens

Why do just a traditional solar project when you can do a solar project that will benefit the whole community? Community Virtual Solar Gardens enable communities to get clean, affordable, renewable solar energy to power their facilities, while ensuring local ownership, with all community members having the opportunity to own and benefit from solar.

Interested in having solar energy, but don’t have a roof? Find a solar garden project in your neighborhood and begin benefiting from a centrally located solar array. Renters, homeowners, apartment dwellers, condo residents, and small businesses are all welcome.


We work with a variety of businesses, community groups, and non-profit organizations to bring Community Virtual Solar Gardens to more people. Whether it’s a solar developer looking to finance a project, or a non-profit looking for a new cause to support, we’re interested in exploring how Community Virtual Solar Gardens can make it happen.

Community Solar Workplace

Bring Community Virtual Solar Gardens to your business. Receive the benefits of using clean, affordable solar energy, while providing the opportunity for employees or customers to participate and benefit, as well. You’ll be reinforcing your organization’s commitment to sustainability, while building good will and customer support.

Community Share Challenge

Love Community Virtual Solar? Want to earn some money? Simply tell your friends, family, co-workers or neighbors about Community Virtual Solar, and earn a referral reward every time they sign up. Feel good knowing you’re helping others go solar, while saving money, and contributing to a healthier, sustainable community.

Community Solarize

If you’re interested in putting solar on your own roof, wouldn't it be nice to reduce the cost? Through Community SolarIZE we can organize a solar bulk buying program that will lower everyone’s cost for solar. And when combined with a Community Virtual Solar Garden, costs can be reduced even further.

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Green Leaf Inn Community Solar Garden
Felt Mansion, Laketown Township Michigan